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domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

SPRIGUNS (OF TOLGUS) Prog Folk • United Kingdom

Spriguns (Of Tolgus) biography (
Band Line Ups:-
Mandy Morton-Vocals,12 String Guitar,Dulcimer,Bongos
Mike Morton-Bass Guitar,Vocals
Rick Thomas-Vocals,Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,Dulcimer- (Jack with Feather)
Chris Russon-Electric Guitar,Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin,12 String Guitar(Jack with Feather)
Dick Powell - Electric Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals (Revel Weird and Wild & Time Will Pass)
Tim Ling - Electric Violin (Revel Weird and Wild and Time Will Pass)
Chris Woodcock - Drums (Revel Weird and Wild)
BJ Cole - Pedal Steel (2 tracks on Revel Weird and Wild)
Wayne Morrison - Lead Guitar.Acoustic Guitar,Mandolin and Vocals (Time Will Pass)
Dennis Dunstan - Drums (Time Will Pass)
Lea Nicholson - Concertina (Time Will Pass)
Robert Kirby - Orchestral arrangements on Time Will Pass

The Spriguns (of Tolgus) were formed as a duo in 1972 by husband and wife,Mike and Mandy Morton playing traditional folk music not dis-similar to early Steeleye Span .They opened The Anchor Folk Club in Cambridge,gradually enlisting more musicians.Their first recording was a badly recorded cassette only set of sons called 'Rowdy Dowdy Day'. All the while,they were attracting a large and following.
They came to the attention of Steeleye Span's Tim Hart who produced their first album proper,'Jack With Feather' in 1973.

Six months after the release of 'Jack With Feather', Mandy formed the new 'Spriguns' ,dropping the 'Of Tolgus' suffix and signing with Decca Records.The band recorded 'Revel Weird and Wild' in1975,again produced by Tim Hart.
The sound was becoming rockier but they hadn't forgotten their traditional roots just yet.

In 1977 ,during the height of Punk,Spriguns recorded their final album,'Time Will Pass'.This time production duties fell to the respected Sandy Roberton.The orchestration on the album was conducted by Robert Kirby,famous for his work with Nick Drake and The Strawbs amongst many others.The sound this time was rockier.Similar to The Trees or Mellow Candle in style,with some excellent long guitar solos.Not long after the albums release,Mandy Morton left to persue a solo career.She released the 'Magic Lady' album in 1978,which is very similar to Sandy Denny's solo material.
Highly Recommended!

Thanks Magal

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