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segunda-feira, 7 de agosto de 2017

GALLEON Neo-Prog • Sweden

Outstanding swedish band who plays a thick melodic prog. Tasteful arrangements over long compositions with enough musicianship to keep the focus on the melody, without loosing it. The vocals are very similar to John Wetton's, but the instrumental passages sound good, sometimes a bit like GANDALF's music.

For anyone looking to learn more about GALLEON, I would point them at the excellent "All European Hero" and "King Of Aragon" an obvious essential purchase. If you like your progressive rock melodic and crammed full of lush harmonies, then both albums are a Must Have! Once again they turned out a perfect album ("Beyond Dreams"), rich with symphonics and just the right amount of heaviness to stay firmly in the progressive / symphonic category rather than topple into heavy prog.

Thanks Magal

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