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Babe Ruth

BABE RUTH was a band that formed in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, in 1971. Guitarist Alan Shacklock founded this progressive rock band. They had a rhythmic, bluesy, guitar orientated sound capped off by the blistering vocals of Jenny Hahn. Rounded out by Chris Holmes (keyboards and organ), Dave Punshon (piano), Dave Hewitt, (bass) and Dick Powell, (drums) this British band always put on a great live show. 
Jennie Hahn's raw powerful vocals, and Alan Shacklock's magnificent guitar work made for a true signature sound. With very varied eclectic tastes they covererd song like FRANK ZAPPA's "King Kong", and Curtis Mayfield's "We People Darker Than Blue". 

They enjoyed moderate commercial success in Britain, Canada, and the States, but were plagued by personnel problems, and lack of radio airplay. When vocalist Jennie Hahn left the band for parts unknown, the band lost direction and never regained its initial success. I became aware of them through Boston progressive radio where their great song "The Mexican" became a minor hit. 

Their 1972 album "First Base", with its cover art by famed YES artist, Roger Dean, remains one of my most favorite albums to this day. I suggest you give this album a listen, because it is simply one of the best rock albums of all time. 

Although long gone, BABE RUTH should never be forgotten. ( ).

First Base was an album by the rock music group Babe Ruth. Produced by Alan Shacklock and Nick Mobbs, and engineered by Tony Clark at the EMI's Abbey Road Studios between June and September 1972, it was released that year. The album went gold in Canada, sold well in the US, but had disappointing sales by comparison in the UK. The song "The Mexican" has been covered and remixed many times. Among them, it was covered in 1984 by John "Jellybean" Benitez with vocals by Janita Haan. "The Mexican" was also mixed into the third track of The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One by Liam Howlett of The Prodigy in 1999. The sleeve design, painting and photography were by Roger Dean.

"Wells Fargo" (Alan Shacklock) – 6:14
"The Runaways" (music: Alan Shacklock, words: David Whiting) – 7:12
"King Kong" (Frank Zappa, side 4 of Uncle Meat) – 6:40, recorded in one take, no overdubs
"Black Dog" (Jesse Winchester) – 8:03
"The Mexican" (Alan Shacklock) – 5:45, interpolates Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu (For a Few Dollars More, music by Ennio Morricone)
"Joker" (Alan Shacklock) – 7:42
"Wells Fargo" (single version, CD only; Shacklock) – 3:35
"Theme from For a Few Dollars More" (CD only; Morricone) – 2:19

Janita (Jennie) Haan: vocal power
Dave Hewitt: bass guitar
Dick Powell: drums, percussion
Dave Punshon: electric piano, piano
Alan Shacklock: all guitars, vocals, organ, percussion

Sample: ( ).

Fourth album of the band.

1. It'll Happen In Time 
2. Winner Takes All 
3. Fascination 
4. Two Thousand Sunsets 
5. Elusive 
6. Can You Feel It 
7. Say No More 
8. Caught At The Plate 
9. Tomorrow

Line-up / Musicians
- Steve Gurl / keyboards 
- Janita Haan / lead vocals 
- Dave Hewitt / bass
- Bernie Marsden / guitars 
- Ed Spevock / drums, percussion

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