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sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015

The True Funk

Eu gosto demais daquele Funk dos anos 70, meio pesado, com guitarras distorcidas, batera e baixo pulsantes, e aquele vocal emocionado... James Brown, Parliament, Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, Rufus & Chaka Khan, the Isley Brothers, Ohio Players, Con Funk Shun, Kool & The Gang, The Bar-Kays, Commodores, Roy Ayers, Stevie Wonder entre muitos outros, coloriram a década de 70 com um som damçante, de muita qualidade... Este som com uma vibe intensa, alegre originou outras vertentes como a Disco Music... Mas nada se compara a aquele som forte, rasgado da década de 70. Compartilho com vocês uma compilação que reúne muita coisa boa.

'True Funk spreads 51 cuts over three discs, all beautifully remastered and sold at a wonderfully attractive price point. There are no real liner notes to speak of other than complete track info, but it hardly matters. This isn't a set for critical listening so much as it's a comp designed for maximum aural pleasure. The roster of artist and the tune selection are impeccable anyway. Disc one includes the hard funk of acts like James Brown and Bobby Byrd, but also smooth groove tunes such as Leon Haywood's "I Want to Do Something Freaky to You," and the Eddie Kendricks backbone slippin groove "Keep on Truckin'." In addition there are cuts from the Commodores, the Gap Band and Parliament. Disc two features stone classics such as Cameo's "Word Up!," Lipps, Inc.'s "Funky Town," Rick James' "Super Freak," as well as a boatload of other smashes. Finally, cuts such as "Mama Feelgood" by Lyn Collins, Con Funk Shun's "Chase Me," Roy Ayers' "Don't Stop the Feeling," the Bar-Kays' "Too Hot to Stop, Pt. 1," and so many more round out disc three. The chronological range here runs from the beginning of the classic funk era in 1972 through 1979, when it was displaced on the charts by mainstream disco. There are no rarities here at all, but there are several 12" mixes as well as the single versions of the hits. One could do far worse than putting all this power on the box and letting it rip." AllMusic Review by Thom Jurek  )

1. Machine Gun  Commodores 
2. Who'd She Coo  Ohio Players 
3. I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You  Leon Haywood 
4. Fencewalk  Mandrill 
5. Tell Me Something Good  Rufus  Chaka Khan 
6. Move Your Boogie Body  BarKays 
7. Don`t Stop The Music  Yarbrough  Peoples 
8. Back And Forth  Cameo 
9. Keep On Truckin  Eddie Kendricks 
10. Ms Got The Body  Con Funk Shun 
11. Bop Gun  Parliament 
12. Burn Rubber On Me  The Gap Band 
13. Bustin' Out  Rick James 
14. I Know You Got Soul  Bobby Byrd 
15. Ain't It Funky Now  James Brown 
16. If You Don't Get It The First Time Back Up And Try It Again Party  Fred Wesley  The JB's 
17. Funky Stuff  Kool  The Gang 

1. Super Freak  Rick James 
2. Dance Wit Me  Rufus  Chaka Khan 
3. Fire  Ohio Players 
4. I Need Help  Bobby Byrd 
5. Standing On The Top  Temptations  Rick James 
6. Word Up  Cameo 
7. I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance  Gap Band 
8. Funkytown  Lipps Inc. 
9. Get Up  James Brown 
10. Think  Lyn Collins 
11. Gimme Some More  JB's 
12. Shake Your Rump To The Funk  Bar  Kays 
13. Ffun  Con Funk Shun 
14. Tear The Roof Off The Sucker Medley  Parliament 
15. Boogie Down  Eddie Kendricks 
16. Freaky Deaky  Roy Ayers 
17. Jungle Boogie  Kool  The Gang 

1. Brick House  Commodores 
2. Cold Sweat  James Brown 
3. Mama Feelgood  Lyn Collins  The JBs 
4. Soul Power '74  Maceo 
5. Chase Me  Con Funk Shun 
6. Let It All Blow  Dazz Band 
7. Who Is He And What Is He To You  Creative Source 
8. You Dropped A Bomb On Me  Gap Band 
9. Shakey Ground  Temptations 
10. Too Hot To Stop  Bar  Kays 
11. Don't Stop The Feeling  Roy Ayers 
12. Get Down On It  Kool  The Gang 
13. Fopp  Ohio Players 
14. Aqua Boogie  Parliament 
15. Funk Funk  Cameo 
16. You've Got My Soul On Fire  Edwin Starr 
17. Give It To Me Baby  Rick James


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  1. Maravilha...........funk....blues...jazz....
    esta negada americana tem valor........

    black is beautiful...

    Peter Hammill - SP

  2. Como estamos de afinados! acabo de publicar algo de Funk también, aunque mucho mas rockero y algo más nuevo... como siempre el sitio es una bomba, da gusto pasar por aquí a saludar a los amigos y llevarse algo de lo mucho y excelente que postean.

  3. Grande Aponcho, obrigado pela visita. Tenho um presente para vc... ( ) password: zinhof.

    Abraços Javanes

    1. Excelente presente meu amigo Java. Você sabe o que o maior mérito do seu presente? Que preenche as duas condições para um presente perfeito, primeiro é conhecer os gostos da outra pessoa. O segundo é o amor com o qual ela é feita.
      Seu presente satisfaz ambas as condições!
      Um grande abraço javanês, você sabe como alegrar a vida de um velho e cansado amante de música.


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