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segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

The Grits - Amazing Instrumental Funk

Algumas vezes aparece uma pérola nas mãos, como este som do The Grits. Um som instrumental com um teclado e um baixo bem Funk anos 70, e uma gaitinha matadora. Embora o som seja relativamente novo (2008), ao ouvir, você se sente caminhando no Harley nos anos 70, com um cabelão Black Power, (como na foto acima)...

Totalmente instrumental. Infelizmente em 192 kbps, mas vale a conferida. Sonzeira!!!!!

Hailing from Brighton, The Grits were formed in late 2005 by guitarist Stuart Carter and organist Nick The Organizer Harris with the intention of playing proper funk in the style of The Meters, Eddie Bo, The Gaturs, The JB's and countless other anonymous funk hereos. Drummer Johnny and bassist James were then recruited to make the rough, rare, grimy and greasy instrumental funk you have before you. With the simplest of line-ups every last drop of funk is squeezed out of each tune. Fitting comfortably with the current crop of 'nu funk' bands, The Grits exude the kind of confident class and mastery normally found in bands that have been touring for the best part of a decade. Just check the tight arrangement on heavy hitter Boom Boom, but still with that all essential dirt under the fingernails. Over on the flip they get to grips with The Fabulous Count's Jan Jan - creating another dancefloor shaker for your box. ).

Up from the deep south come The Grits: yes, we’re talking about, Brighton, England (as our American cousins call it). But despite its name the flavours this band cooks up really owe as much to a palette weaned on English psychedelia and quirky electronic experimentalism as much as from southern-fried US funk. Led by producer and multi-instrumentalist Stuart Carter (violin, cello, flute and sitar as well as guitar, percussion and synths!) The Grits kick up a storm with a phat break-heavy sound from their hefty nine-piece line-up, sounding like ‘the love-child of The JBs and Delia Derbyshire’(

Bass, Engineer – James Porch
Drums – Johnny Machin
Guitar, Synthesizer [Moog], Piano, Mellotron, Producer – Stuart Carter
Organ [Hammond], Synthesizer – Nick Harris
Percussion – Johnny Machin, Stuart Carter

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