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quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2017

Afro Blues Quintet Plus One - Jazz

A mid-'60s sextet with a Latin edge, the Afro-Blues Quintet + 1 featured a vibes/sax front line and a rhythm section augmented by congas and timbales assisting the standard piano/bass/drums instrumentation. The group's albums included political and protest pieces, originals, remakes of standards like "Green Dolphin Street," religious/spiritual numbers, soul/jazz and R&B hits, plus some challenging tunes such as "3/4-5/4-7-2." Joe De Aguero on vibes and alto saxophonist/flutist Jack Fulks were the principal soloists, with pianist Bill Henderson, bassist Norm Johnson, conga player Moses Obligacion, and Michael Davis on drums and timbales completing the lineup.

Despite the fact that this one was cut for the knock-off Surrey label, the album's actually one of the best that the Afro Blues ensemble ever recorded! The whole thing's got a lively soul jazz groove, with plenty of flute and sax solos, nice vibes, and a good strong piano-driven Latiny groove. Titles include "Song For Mitch", "Karen's Theme", "Okey Dokey", "Our Mambo", and "The Joker". Very tasty!  © 1996-2015, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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