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quinta-feira, 8 de junho de 2017

Carol Woods - Soul Funk USA

Carol Woods was born in Jamaica, New York in 1943. She was deeply influenced by her grandfather, a Pentecostal minister, and her mother Marion Jones, which led her to become lead singer with the local church choir. Originally Carol only sang gospel music, but after a career as a registered nurse, her friends encouraged her to get her first club engagement.

A rare 70s soul set from Carol Woods – a singer who’s done a fair bit of work on the musical stage, but who has plenty to offer in this obscure debut album! The record was mostly cut in New York, yet only issued in the UK – which is part of the reason for its obscurity – and the sound is full, proud, and plenty darn soulful – almost a post-Supremes sort of vibe, but with a hipper 70s approach – very well put together by producer Beau Ray Fleming, who’s probably better known for his later work with Mandrill and Sun. Woods‘ vocals are full and rich, but never overdone – and she reminds us a lot of some of her other 70s contemporaries who’d worked the stage, but could slide into a soul session equally well – such as Melba Moore. (

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