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domingo, 4 de junho de 2017

Aeroblus, Rock (Argentina)

Aeroblus was a hard rock power trio composed of Pappo, Alejandro Medina and Rolando Castello Junior. It was an ephemeral project of Pappo's Blues. They recorded a single plate in Buenos Aires in May of 1977. The album is something different from what was recording Pappo, with a style closer to heavy metal, anticipating what would later be Riff.

After dissolving Pappo's Blues, Pappo and Alejandro Medina (bassist Manal and La Pesada del Rock and Roll) decide to form a new group, but in the absence of a suitable drummer, they travel to Brazil in their search and find with Rolando Castello Junior to Form the trio Aeroblus.2

They debuted on January 6, 1977 at the Teatro Premier in Buenos Aires with a series of concerts that received negative reviews for their "lack of rehearsal", a problem that was quickly resolved.2

This was how Aeroblus managed to edit his only work. The delay in the edition of the album, plus the pressure made by the police in those years in Argentina during the Military Dictatorship, made Rolando Castello Junior decide to return and stay in Brazil. Already in 1978, Pappo again next to Medina Reflects Aeroblus, incorporating to Claudio Pesavento in keyboards and without Castello, that is replaced by Gonzalo Farrugia. The group performs in Mar del Plata playing songs from the album and some new, but it does not thrive despite the good reviews of the time, and Pappo decides again to return with Pappo's Blues.

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