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domingo, 25 de junho de 2017

Rodrigo San Martin - Crossover Prog • Argentina

Rodrigo San Martin biography (
Rodrigo San Martín (born 8/14/88) is an Argentine progressive rock guitarist,composer and producer. He's a multi-instrumentalist who generally performs all the instruments in his albums. 

As a solo artist he has released two albums: "1" (April 2010), Argentina's first 5.1 album, and "There's No Way Out" (November 2010), which features collaboratations from Serbian singer Jelena Persic and United States born Craig Kerley.

Rodrigo is also the lead guitarist and main composer of progressive rock band De Rien and mastermind (along Juan Manuel Torres) of Souls Ignite, a project involving some of Argentina's progressive rock main figures. He has worked with many artists as sessionist/producer, including prog acts Fernando Refay and Destino 101. He's also the organizer of the Close to the Edge Buenos Aires Prog Fest.

Rodrigo works a style that blends Progressive Rock, Pop/Rock, Metal, Funk/Rock, Classical music, Ambient and Jazz fusion.

The Veil Is Broken I- Childhood

The Veil is Broken II- Adolescence

The Veil is Broken III- Coming of Age

The Veil is Broken IV- Decay

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