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sexta-feira, 2 de junho de 2017

DR. Z - Heavy Prog

Dr. Z biography )
DR. Z. is an obscure early 70's English trio whose LP version of their only album now fetches in the 3-digit price range (only 80 copies were sold at the time, the rest of the pressings were trashed by their record company). A cd version of the album, released by Vertigo in 1991, features a couple of extra tracks. The dominant mood of the album ("Three Parts to my Soul") is set by a percussive harpsichord that is alternately majestic and militaristic - imagine the sound of a Keith EMERSON harpsichord concerto if Carl PALMER matched him note for note on a kettle drum. The lyrics, dealing with occultism and the evil of man, are far better written than the music, which sounds rather clumsy and awkward to our modern ears. At its most inventive and textured, the album is a fine example of early 70's prog at its darkest. It has simple rhythms and the music is peculiarly obsessive, with very long piano and organ solos, baroque melodies and satanic lyrics.

Strictly for serious collectors of dark, early 70's curios willing to overlook a highly mangled production.

: : : Lise (HIBOU), CANAD

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