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terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014

Landmarq - Neo Prog Rock Band

Mais um tesouro perdido, encontrado por Peter Hammil... E este ficou perdido mesmo em meus emails...

Segue Biography do ProgArchives ( ):

Landmarq biography
The story of LANDMARQ goes back to the year of 1990 in London from the ashes of the also British band QUASAR as a strong Neo Prog exponent but with the curiosity that they had always a haed keeping vocalists, to the point that they were voiceless in five occasions. Steve Lake (Keys) and Uwe D'Rose (guitar) from QUASAR, joined the bassist Steve Gee from ARTEMIS, a lesser known band that supported other acts such as CAMEL, decided to call QUASAR drummer Dave Wagstaffe who was returning from a tour, he and the vocalist Bob Daisley, who joined to form the first lineup. At the beginning of 1991 and after recording a demo, Daisley leaves the band and is replaced by the actor and singer Rob Lewis Jones, who also discovers his vocation is on the theaters and not in the studios, so the band again looses a vocalist, just when they had been offered a contract with the Dutch label SI. Desperate, they contact Tracy Hitchings (Also ex QUASAR), but the label vetoed him, but for their luck they find Damian Wilson from the BLUE HEAT PROJECT, who immediately accepts the challenge. In the next year, the band releases two albums "Solitary Witness" and "Infinity Parade" (Produced by Clive Nolan) in which their Neo Prog sound is more than evident with strong references to CAMEL. But again at the end of 1992, Damian Wilson is offered the lead vocals in LA SALLE and the band has to see their third vocalist leave. Almost in the dawn of an important presentation in the London's Marquee, with STEVE HACKETT, PORCUPINE TREE and IQ, they recruit the powerful vocalist John "Moon" Gould, but again you can't fight destiny and after receiving the award of Vocalist of the Year, leaves LANDMARQ, who had to search for a new singer for their third album. Luckily for them, the relation Wilson - LA SALLE wasn't working well so he returns to the band and in 1995 with Damien in the vocals they release "The Vision Pit" in 1995. At this point the label collapses and the band is left on their own until 1998 when Tracy Hitchings joins LANDMARQ as backing vocalist, but due to the fact that Damien Wilson places more emphasis in his solo career, she takes the lead vocals for the fourth studio album "Science of Coincidence". Since then the band has changed several times and joined for several ocasions, a new album (yet untitled) is announced for this year, I'm sure they have much more to offer. Strong band, ideal for the fans of the melody of CAMEL and the strength of Neo Prog with touches of PENDRAGON, a good addition for any Proghead. (Iván Melgar Morey)


E segue o primeiro álbum:

Peter, manda mais!!!!

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  1. Hello Good People....

    Sim.... estou destilando novas descobertas.....

    Esperem por mim !!!!

    Peter Hammill -SP


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