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sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2016

Aardvarks - Austrian Psych Rock, Krautrock

Austrian progressive rock band, with boogie rock and blues influences. On their debut LP they had a more Teutonic/Krautrock hard-rock type sound akin to Harlis or Kaputter Hamster. The Salzburg 'aardvark' produce on their first LP a classic Krautrock sound.  The band was founded in 1980 and played eagerly in the Salzburg and Upper Austria. The driving force behind the group was the bassist Michael Wagner. The Aarvarks left us 3 LPs and a single from the 2nd LP.

Bass – Michael Wagner
Drums – Robert Jansky
Guitar – Kurt Deixler
Guitar, Vocals – Rico Pucher
Keyboards – Johann Kastinger
Vocals, Blues Harp – Horst Trattning

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