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quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2017

Crystal Palace - Neo-Prog • Germany

Based in Berlin, Germany, CRYSTAL PALACE started out in 1994, formed by Helmut Hirt (vocals), Jürgen Hegner (guitars), Ralf Jaschob (guitars) and Jens Uwe Strutz (bass, vocals). For the first few years of their existence various drummers and keyboardists helped out when needed; for live shows as well as studio work.

Their first full length album, "On the Edge of the World", was issued in 1995; and promoted for the next few years.

In 1998 Hirt left the band, but by November of the same year he had been replaced by Tom Young (vocals). Sven Brehm (drums) and Frank Köhler (keyboards) joined at the same time; and this first permanent band line-up recorded and released the EP "Children of the Sun" in 1999.

In 2000 Young left, and after searching for a new frontman for some time, it was decided that bassist Strutz should take care of the vocal duties instead; and with that matter settled the band hit the studio again; resulting in 2001's full length album "Demon in You". In 2002 a live EP with this line-up was issued, "Unplugged by the Shadow", recorded at the wedding of drummer Sven Brehm. 

Supporters of German icehockey club "EHC-Eisbären Berlin" saw to it that their next release would be a more high profile one, as the band won a contest through internet voting to record a fan song for the club. The single "Eisbär'n Forever" was the end result, released in 2003.

At the same time Brehm left the band, replaced by Mathias Wallasch (drums). He stayed just long enough to record the full length production "Psychedelic Sleep", issued in 2003, before leaving. Early in 2004 Hegner left as well, and the remaining band members started to involve themselves in side projects for a while following this.

Dagobert Weiß joined the band briefly in the same period; but personal matters saw to it that he moved out of Germany, leaving CRYSTAL PALACE without a drummer yet again. Early in 2004 the band lost their studio location as well, and had to rebuild their recording studio at a new location. In November 2004 the new studio location was up and running. 

After experimenting with the use of drum loops while recording, the band decided to call Frank Fuhrmann. He was one of the drummers who helped out at the start of the band's career, and he also gave drum lessons on a regular basis. The band thought he might know of a drummer that could fit the band; but he decided to join himself instead. Some further studio time culminated in the release of the EP "Studio Jam 2004/05" with this line-up. Later in 2005 the band got some unexpected help in the lyrics department, as poet Guido Galler decided to help out in this aspect of the band's creative labours. Later in 2005 the band felt that a compilation album was called for after 10 years as recording artists, and thus "Through the Years" was issued.

More line-up changes were in store though, as founding member Ralf Jaschob (guitars) decides to leave the band early in 2006; replaced by former (and founding) member Jürgen Hegner (guitars). Later this year the band release the full length album "Acoustic Years"; with earlier songs rearranged and recorded in acoustic versions.

2007 sees another line-up change for this hard-working German outfit, as Fuhrmann leaves the band; replaced a few months later by Feliks Weber (drums).

(Thanks MAGAL)

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