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quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2017

One - Psychedelic Folk Rock

Um sonzinho bem agradável, com uma batera bem marcante e uma gaitinha animal. 

"A little-known album whose participants were better known for session work. Brent Forbes, who was in  Locust in the mid-seventies, also worked for Bob Pegg and  The Surprise Sisters; Norman Leppard played with  Aynsley Dunbar and Alan Marshall, who was in  Zebra in the mid-seventies, played for  Pete Bardens. Conrad Isadore was most prolific of all - cropping up on several other artists albums. Soul influenced prog rock, with a few funk moves, and featuring long, improv driven tracks with soulish vocals, some brass, organ, flute, some strings, and a mix of light and heavy"

01. Don't Listen To Me (Richie Havens) - 6:59
02. Cautiously (Maurey Hayden) - 8:41
03. Stop Pulling And Pushing Me (Richie Havens) - 7:53
04. Near The Bone (Alan Marshall, Bobby Sass) - 3:59
05. Run, Shaker Life (Richie Havens) - 17:37

- Alan Marshall - vocals, harp, congas, talking drum, tambourine, guitar, arranger, producer
- Bobby Sass (Bobby Tench) - organ, piano, guitar, arranger, producer
- Norman Leppard - flute, tenor saxophone
- Kevin Fogerty - guitar
- Brent Forbes - bass
- Conrad Isidore - drums
- Nicky Harrison - strings arrangements
- Adrian De Rovere - brass arrangements

- Roger Burrow - producer

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