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domingo, 16 de julho de 2017

Amsterdam Connection - Jazz (Harmonica)

Amsterdam Connection is formed by the passionate and qualified musicians Tim ‘Harmony’ Welvaars (jazz harmonica & piano) and Naomi ‘Smile’ Adriaansz (tenor and alto sax), rooted in beautiful Amsterdam (NL).

Spreading harmony and love through music, is their mission. In a unique way… Naomi and Tim have created a unique sound : the remarkable fusion of the dark tenor sax and the joyful harmonica. Their trade mark!

Amsterdam Connection plays a diverse repertoire of happy jazz, danceable swing, soulful smooth jazz, groovy funk, ‘sultry’ bossa and swinging rock ‘n roll music. Some are with vocals, but mainly you can absorb the warmth of their unique instrumental sound.

Combining the sensual funky passion of tenor and alto saxophonist Naomi “Smile” Adriaansz and the lively piano and lush jazz harmonica of Tim “Harmony” Welvaars, the Netherlands based duo, Amsterdam Connection, releases ISN’T SHE LOVELY, a unique, eclectic tribute to the legendary musical icon, Stevie Wonder. Produced by double Grammy winning producer, Smooth Jazz guitarist Paul Brown. The album is a spirited fusion of laid back cool and feisty grooves... Stevie himself calls Tim a “genius on the harmonica.” You’ll agree when you hear ISN’T SHE LOVELY!

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