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sábado, 29 de julho de 2017

LEI SECA Symphonic Prog • Brazil

After the rebirth of Symphonic sub-genre in Scandinavia (Sweden mainly), one of the countries that embraced the original wonderful excesses of it was Brazil. 

The available data about LEI SECA is very rare and misleading there's almost no information about their formation date except the late 90's but due to unconfirmed references about a first album called "Rottenness Way" in 1997 it could have been in the mid 90's, despite this info, most sites talk about one only release in 1999.

The band was formed by Valdir Guimaraes (Bass and vocals), Valdir Zamboni (Guitar, Mandolins and Backing Vocals), Micky Nicolas (Keyboards and Backing Vocals) plus Auro Okamoto in the drums later replaced by Cesar Frezzato.

Before being able to get a copy of their official release "Art Rock" read all the information about them and people describe them as a combination between ELOY and PINK FLOYD, but honestly my impression is totally different.

I see no Psyche or Space Rock connection mostly pompous and overblown (Love the sound of it) early Symphonic, the keyboards are impressive and it's evident Micky Nicolas is a Jürgen Fritz fan being that the TRIUMVIRAT connection is more than casual with a touch of "Look at Yourself" era URIAH HEEP.

The opener and 16 minutes "Krakatoa" reminds me of the epic aspirations of Spartacus and the elaborate characteristics of Illusions on a Double Dimple. Simply bombastic and reminiscent of the German scenario of the early 70's .

The vocalist is really less than efficient, thankfully the album is based more in long instrumental passages than in vocals because at some points the accent is totally disappointing.

I will keep searching for the supposedly first lost release and if I'm able to find it will be adding it to the discography because this guys released really strong Symphonic Prog.

Iván Melgar Morey - Perú

Thanks Magal

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