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domingo, 9 de julho de 2017

Karmakanic • Symphonic Prog • Sweden

THE FLOWER KINGS family, one of the wonders of the world. It seems that nearly every member has his own solo project. But not only solo projects, their members have enough power to take part in projects like THE TANGENT or innumerable other projects. Countless as well are their guest apperances.

KARMAKANIC is a kind of solo project from Sweden's finest bass player Jonas Reingold. But how could it be any different (anyway we are talking about the FLOWER KINGS), many of his band mates are featured in this project, it seems as if they can't live without each other. KARMAKANIC is one of the better side projects and released two albums so far, "Entering the Spectra" and "Wheel of Life". The difference between these two albums is Roine Stolt's influence. The first one sounds like the FLOWER KINGS with exception of some bass dominated parts. You will get Roine Stolt on vocals and guitar. Unlike "Entering the Spectra" Roine plays a very small role on the new album "Wheel of Life". It sounds more independent and disengages a little from the typical FLOWER KINGS sound, maybe because Roine just plays some guitar parts and Krister Jonzon took over the main guitar work. What both albums have in common is the dominating bass, not really astonishing because we are talking about a project that is led by Jonas Reingold.

So if you like the FLOWER KINGS you will love KARMAKANIC, but will also like them if you never heard of the Kings. I recommend to start with the second album "Wheel of Life" because it has not so many similarities to their main project like the first release.

: : : Martin Dietrich, GERMANY : : :

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