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sexta-feira, 21 de julho de 2017

Topos Uranos - Prog Rock (Brazil)

Brazilian band (from Niterói - RJ) formed in 1991, Topos Uranos released a good debut LP two years later. Accumulating some performances in theaters and concert halls in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the group impressed the audience with their technical preparation and the instrumental complexity of the compositions, demonstrating a vigor only partially present in the vinyl. The band would also break up in 1993 with the departure of guitarist Arthur Nogueira and his sister, Virginia, who until then was producer and businesswoman of the band. "(ECR).

Topos Uranos, hails from Brazil and consist of 4 amazing musicians. This, their only record, is a wonderful journey, into what the Brazilian progscene, have to offer, when it comes to complex, well written and great performed prog rock. There is not many vocals on this, more some narrated sounds of a sort. But the main thing here, are the complex way the music is performed.

Arthur Nogueira - guitar and vocals
Jorge Mathias - bass
André Dias - keyboards
Paulo Márcio - bateria

Mystic Suite - 1993 - Eternal Light Project / 1996 - Eternal Light Project

Thanks Magal

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