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domingo, 23 de julho de 2017

THE REASONING Crossover Prog • United Kingdom

THE REASONING formed in October 2005 after Matthew Cohen left the Neo Progressive band MAGENTA. Initially comprising of Cohen (bass), Lee Wright (guitar), Vinden Wylde (drums), Gareth Jones (keyboards and vocals), Dylan Thompson (guitar and vocals), they were soon joined by acclaimed singer Rachel Jones, who had previously fronted Prog Folksters KARNATAKA.

With three talented singers in the group sharing the lead vocal duties, their vocal skills are also put to good use when they create dynamic three-part vocal harmonies that give their sound an extra dimension, and the twin guitars of Wright and Thompson supported by the solid rhythm of Cohen and Wylde ensures that THE REASONING know how to rock when needed.

With a mandate to produce music that (in their words) was 'more than just rock and more than just prog', THE REASONING lived up to that brief with the debut album 'Awakening', which features guest appearances by Steve Rothery (MARILLION) and Liz Prendergast (BLUE HORSES).

Thanks Magal

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