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segunda-feira, 24 de julho de 2017

ROCKY'S FILJ Rock Progressivo Italiano • Italy

This italian band from Parma (Rocky's Filj is from their leader Rocky Rossi's name) gained a contract with Ricordi label after a tour with BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO.
Their only album, Storie di Uomini e Non (1973) is jazz-rock oriented with original vocals and very well made instrumental parts, symphonic touches and sax in evidence, sometimes a la KING CRIMSON. The primary lead, in addition to sax, is guitar and there are a lot of moments where the themes are doubled by both in a manner also similar to that of OSANNA's early period. The music even has room to jam and give the chance for some solos over the top, including also flute. However, these instrumental segments don't last for long before another full ensemble or vocal segment takes their place. Some critic see in their method of stringing together disparate segments of music some references to PHOLAS DACTYLUS.
Rocky's Filj really deserved more consideration, but, unfortunately one of the members was jailed, and the band reappeared only in 1979 with a commercial single recorded with help of ACQUA FRAGILE former member Pier Emilio Canavera. Rocky Rossi sadly died in 1985 in a car accident.

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