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segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

BE BOP DELUXE Crossover Prog • United Kingdom

During the comparatively barren times for progressive music in the early 70s, guitarist Bill Nelson (William Nelson, 18 December 1948, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England) recorded the limited edition Northern Dream. Tapes of this collector's item were played by the pioneering disc jockey John Peel on his legendary BBC Radio programme, Top Gear. The line-up of Nelson, Nicholas Chatterton-Dew (drums), Robert Bryan (bass, vocals) and Ian Parkin (d. July 1995; guitar) recorded Axe Victim as BE-BOP DELUXE. Nelson soon disbanded the outfit, and following a tour supporting Cockney Rebel, he formed a new band, taking members from that fragmented unit. This short-lived combo also broke up. With the addition of bass player Charles Tumahai (b. New Zealand, d. 21 December 1995) and drummer Simon Fox, Nelson released Futurama and Sunburst Finish. The latter included a surprise hit single, "Ships In The Night". Nelson's undeniable talent as a guitarist began to dominate the band and as his technical virtuosity grew, the songs became weaker. Nelson abandoned the name in 1978 for the more radical Red Noise, retaining keyboard player Andrew Clark from the old band, although he now records under his own name. During their peak, Be-Bop Deluxe were an exciting and refreshing band who were ultimately unable to find a musical niche that suited their varied styles.

One of the pioneers of so called "art rock", Be Bop Deluxe never quite hit the heights they deserved, but their brand of intelligent pop/rock featured cleverly constructed songs played by excellent musicians, particularly the multi-talented Bill Nelson. Be Bop Deluxe were a mix of glam rock, electronic experimentation music, and straight out rock and roll.

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  1. Axe Victim es un clásico del Rock...las canciones suenan como himnos pintando viñetas de cultura rokera...y todo a gran velocidad, y con muchos cambios, marcando el prog...L´Immoraliste probablemente desnuda a Nelson...gracias por brindar esta edición con xtras...


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