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quinta-feira, 27 de julho de 2017

Nino Nardini & The Pop Riviera Group (Jazz'n'Funk'n'Soul)

Nino Nardini (real name: Georges Achille Teperin, 1912-1994) was a French musician & electronic pop pioneer. He is also known as Georges Teperino.
After second world war ended,he began his public apparitions and fully dedicated his personal conductor ability and composer taste to the Spanish and Mexican ethnic and folk-related music, with a hint for exotic percussions. Along with a bunch of former dependable session club musicians he formed the "Nino Nardini Orchestra" in 1951.
At the very beginning of the Sixties he entered slowly the new born world of Music Library in France, Europe and Uk, recording mostly avant-jazz and be bop blues and drama scores, using preminently uncommon instruments like Harpsichord, Marimba or Electric organ, just like his old childohood friend Roger Roger was doing around the same time with him.
This parallel carrer and strong friendship led the two to one overgrowing real musical-partnership, with a costant rate that took the two to finally build up the Studio Ganaro, a personal recording space where they started to work together on composing many kind of music and then heavily experimenting, before many others, on the moog synthesizer and other analogue electronic systems.
In particular,Teperino was the one heavily oriented to innovative experiments with musique-concrete blended with common concert instruments, following the path of that era along with Pierre Henry to Jean-Jacques Perrey.

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