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quinta-feira, 13 de julho de 2017

OXHUITZA - Psychedelic/Space Rock • Italy

In the realm of artistic direction Fabio ZUFFANTI and Rossano VILLA are, as the saying goes, on fire. This Promethean tag-team co-produced the debut work by hot new property UNREAL CITY and they also worked together on the recently released OXHUITZA album. OXHUITZA is the brainchild of guitarist/composer Luca BASSIGNANI whose compositions are surprisingly oriented more towards keyboards than guitar. VILLA and fellow keyboardist Gabriele GUIDI deploy an entire arsenal of vintage analogue keys and these dominate the sound sculptures on the band's self-titled debut. Behind their vivid foreground of Hammond, Mellotron and Moog expositions bassist Carlo BARRECA (FUNGUS, ZEROTHEHERO) and drummer Christian GIANNARELLI supply the necessary apparatus that holds everything together, although BARRECA also adds some exotic-sounding flute parts. 

OXHUITZA take their name from the ancient name for Caracol, a powerful city of the Maya located in present day Belize. The meaning of the name is ''spiral'' and relates to the winding route that originally led to the site. Similarly, the music of OXHUITZA runs a mazy path through the whole gamut of progressive rock, with alleys that lead off into loosely shaped manifestations of eclectic, heavy, psychedelic and symphonic instrumental prog. The group genuinely transcends the bounds of genre-labels but they had to be accommodated somewhere on the site as a significant new band of the ZUFFANTI dynasty. The decision to push the button was thankfully taken by the Psychedelic Team. 

The album is housed in a digipack CD featuring lavish artwork that reflects the unnerving beauty of the music contained within. Recommended to all but in particular to fans of KING CRIMSON and NODO GORDIANO.

- seventhsojourn 

Grazie Magal

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