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segunda-feira, 24 de julho de 2017

Christine Lakeland - (Mrs J.J. Cale) - Great Blues

Christine Lakeland (born July 11, 1954) is an American musician/songwriter. She was married to the late guitarist/songwriter J.J. Cale. She played on many of his albums and was a member of his band. She keeps on recording albums in parallel under her own name.

Christine Lakeland, the wife of JJ Cale, is a guitarist and vocalist with his band. She’s been a vital part JJ Cale's music, and has played on most of his albums. She also played on the great JJ Cale/Clapton “Road to Escondido” album. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find out too much about her music. According to her website, "Fireworks" was "Co-produced with Dennis Walker (Robert Cray), this entire album was cut and mixed in a matter of days by Bill Dashiell at Leon Haywood’s Sunnyside studio in Los Angeles again during a break from live gigs. Eleven Lakeland originals plus a cover of an at-the-time-unreleased J.J. Cale song. “Dennis hired some musicians, I said hello and we began recording. I did bring in Tim Drummond one afternoon.” James Stewart stands out on keys. Joe Sublett added sax and the truly special Francisco Aguabella, congas". "Fireworks" is a great album. The lady is an excellent guitarist, songwriter and vocalist, and the album encompasses country, folk, soul, and electric blues. There is not a bad track on the album. Christine has released three other albums, "Turn To Me", "Reckoning", and "Live At Greenwood Ridge"

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