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segunda-feira, 13 de março de 2017

ANANKE - Neo-Prog • Poland

The name of the band derives from mythological Ananke, a figure from the Greek pantheon, the goddess and personification of destiny and necessity, inevitability...

Ananke originated in Bydgoszcz in January 2009 on a keyboard player Krzysztof Pacholski's and vocalist Adam Łassa's initiative. Only two months later, in March the same year, the band entered a recording studio to register their first songs. Positive atmosphere and good prospects for the future propelled the musicians so that in December 2009 full material for their first album was already at the band's disposal. The album, titled MALACHITY, has been issued in April 2010.

In the meantime Ananke played some concerts to promote the material. In that period, beside the aforementioned co-founders Krzysztof Pacholski and Adam Łassa, the line-up included also Karol Szolz on guitar, bassist Bartek Styś and drummer Wiktor Wyka (with a guest appearance of Łukasz Święch on 12-string acoustic guitar on MALACHITY).

MALACHITY met good reception by fans, both new ones as well as those following musicians' careers even before they founded Ananke, and gained many positive reviews. The album was also highly rated by the listeners of the Polish Radio Programme 3, reaching the 12th position in the chart (the highest among Polish language albums).

The year 2011 meant intensive work on recording the next album and changes in the band's line-up with the band's co-founders being joined by guitarist Michał Sokół and drummer Marcin Mak this time who contributed considerably to the sound, expression and arrangements. There were also two guest musicians engaged in the process: Wojciech Burghard on bass and Karol Oparka on acoustic guitars.
The sophomore creation of the band, titled SHANGRI-LA, saw the light of day in September 2012.

Although Ananke has existed for a fairly short time the musicians involved in it can be hardly considered debutants given that Adam Łassa was a co-founder of a legendary band Abraxas and in the same band the position of the keyboardist was occupied for a couple of years by Krzysztof Pacholski and Marcin Mak was the drummer.
They took part in many other projects as well, like ASSAL & ZENN, ANYWAY, Q, FORGOTTEN.
Now the time has come for Ananke.

Source: the band's official website.
Translation from Polish: Bartłomiej Ślązak (Tuzvihar)

Thanks Magal

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