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quarta-feira, 15 de março de 2017

Anacondia • Rock Progressivo Italiano

Anacondia is an Italian prog band that was formed in Milan in 1995 by Andrea Canonico (keyboards) and Gabriele Ramilli (vocals). Later Matteo Molinari (guitar), Massimo Besozzi (guitar) and Antonio Sergi (drums) joined and the band started performing live... Then the band went through some line up changes: guitarists Matteo Molinari and Massimo Besozzi gave up while Walter Marocchi (guitar) and Alessandro Zuccolotto (bass) came in. The definitive stability was reached in 2000 when Vincenzo Valerio replaced Alessandro Zuccotto on bass. In 2003 the band released his first demo EP "Genesi Instabile" and in 2005 another demo EP called "Due Mondi". The first two EPs were gathered together in 2006 on the first full length Anacondia's album "Due Mondi", that can be legally downloaded from the official website. At the moment Anacondia are recording new tracks and performing live. The have also released a retrospective DVD covering the band's first ten years together.

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