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quarta-feira, 29 de março de 2017

BLACK SEPTEMBER - Symphonic Prog • United States

In 1992 keyboard player Michael West released his solo album "God Sex Money", produced by Bill Berends from USA 'power-progrock' band MASTERMIND. Two years later that collaboration between Bill and Michael led to the production and release from the eponymous debut CD by BLACK SEPTEMBER. This four piece formation featured Micheal West on keyboards, Jason Harper on violin, bass and lead vocals, Jon Wilson on drums and percussion and Freddy Lutz on saxophone, bass and backing vocals. Later in an interview in the late Nineties Bill Berends revealed that he was not pleased with the choice from Michael West to release the BLACK SEPTEMBER album on the Italian progrock label Mellow Records.

BLACK SEPTEMBER their music is often bombastic featuring dazzling keyboard work (with strong echoes from KEITH EMERSON and RICK WAKEMAN but modern sounding), a dynamic and propulsive rhythm-section, swirling violin play and some fiery saxophone.

From Magal, The Fisherman

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