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sexta-feira, 10 de março de 2017

UFO Over Lappland – Sweden, Psychedelic Rock

There’s one thing I’ve noticed missing in the blog posts lately: ROCK!!! Be it psych, kraut, space or stoner rock – this blogs needs MORE of that! The counter-electronic offensive starts with a tape from the Swedish band UFO Över Lappland with its heavy metal umlaut showing promise of some amplifier worship. Well, it’s not exactly super-heavy, but it’s definitely super-heady! The steady, krauty rhythm is about the only thing that anchors them to solid ground – everything else is far out in space, baby! Fuzzy, overdriven, reverbed, it’s all about meaty basslines and trippy distortions! That’s what psych rock should be all about, a sound to get completely lost in and stop giving a fuck about the outside world. Highly recommended!

 (UFO Över Lappland) Psychedelic/Space Rock

01. Keep On Keepin On Space Truckin’ 12:15
02. Podzol 10:37
03. Nothing That Lives Has …. Such Eyes 09:14
04. Lemmy On The Beach 11:45

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