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Magic Pie • Symphonic Prog

Every time I hear that a Symphonic band from any Scandinavian country has released an album, I run and get it without any question, in most cases I'm not defrauded, their approach to classic Symphonic is impeccable in most cases and MAGIC PIE is not an exception.

The band was born a bit after the new century around 2001 - 2002 by six experienced musicians from Moss and Fredrikstad two cities in the southeastern County of Østfold in Norway.

The members of the band are: Kim Stenberg (Guitars), the excellent keyboardist Gilbert Marshal who takes turns in the lead vocals, Eirick Hanssen (Lead Vocals), Lars Peter Holstad (Bass), Jan T. Johannessen (drums) and a third lead vocalist Allan Olsen.

They started in the early stage of their yet short career doing covers of Progressive acts playing always a couple of complex own material that they kept gathering until the year 2005 when they release the excellent debut album "Motions of Desire".

Their approach is respectful to early Symphonic but combines elements of Hard Rock blending almost everything from Genesis to Kansas or ELP to Dream Theater but never copying or attempting to clone, they just get the inspiration and work it with their unique style.

Their technique, atmospheres, skills and clear perspective of their musical future is impressive and I'm sure this bio will have to be upgraded in the next months when they release a second album (I hope).

In the moment we're writing this bio and only after months of it's release, "Motions of Desire" has 27 ratings, an impressive number for a new band that comes from the cold north country and clearly speaks of the respect "MAGIC PIE" has earned from the Prog community.

Iván Melgar Morey - Perú

Thanks Magal

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