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sexta-feira, 24 de março de 2017

Big Deal! Weinberger Funk Library UK 1975-1979

Killer funk compilation full of highlights from the music archives of Josef Weinberger Ltd. in London, pulled from the most famous library albums on labels like JW (Josef Weinberger/ Theme Music), IA (Impress) or PM (Programme Music). First selection of 16 lost tracks by Toni Campo, Midas Touch, Trevor Bastow, Sidney Dale or Vick Flick, oscillating between jazz-funk, soul music, proto techno and eastern-tinged disco, with open drum breaks, fat bass lines and plenty of horns/ wah wah/ organs/ vibes/ flutes/ electronic effects. Recorded from the master tapes, restored and mastered 2016 for 6-Page-Digipack-CD and limited vinyl LP, comparable to the best works of KPM, De Wolfe or Bosworth.

1.Midas Touch - "Big Deal!"
2.Toni Campo - "Over & Out"
3.Martin Kershaw - "Riff Raff"
4.Reginald Wale - "Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm"
5.Trevor Bastow - "Integration"
6.Toni Campo - "Point Blank"
7.Piet Van Meren - "Soul Punch"
8.Toni Campo - "Tooty Flooty"
9.Midas Touch - "Make No Bones"
10.Toni Campo - "Centrefold"
11.Sidney Dale - "Knock On Wood"
12.Reginald Wale - "Gone Gone Gone"
13.Toni Campo - "Do The Stumble"
14.Trevor Bastow - "Hydrogene"
15.Ishfahan Farid - "Focus On The Middle East"
16.Vick Flick - "Santaren"

Release: 2016
Label: Sonorama Records
Genre: Funk / Jazz
Total Time: 44:37 min

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