sexta-feira, 17 de março de 2017

ARLEKIN - Neo-Prog • Ukraine

ARLEKIN is a solo project of Ukrainian musician Igor Sidorenko (STONED JESUS, KROBAK, VOIDA, etc). First blueprints were written around 2005 when Igor was deeply moved by Fish-era MARILLION and other Neo-Prog bands: IQ, COLLAGE, RED SAND, SHADOWLAND and the likes. 2008 saw him uploading "Disguise Serenades" home-recorded demo on MySpace and switching to his other bands soon after, promising himself to revise ARLEKIN in a proper way as soon as there's an opportunity to do so. And finally in early 2013 Igor found some time and inspiration to re-record "Disguise Serenades" in a professional studio with mixing done by members of VESPERO, Russian cult Psychedelic band. Everything about Igor's spiritual tribute to his beloved genre screams 80s Neo-Prog, from the obvious musical influences to the beautiful artwork done by Valeria Kemnitz. Released without a record deal, "Disguise Serenades" might be the first official full-length for ARLEKIN, but definitely not the last!

Thanks Magal

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