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quarta-feira, 22 de março de 2017

ARLON - Neo-Prog • Poland

The list of modern Polish Prog bands seems endless, as Arlon is a name you can add to it. This project was found in 2009 by drummer Pawel Zwirn, but it would be completed only two years later after an intense search for accomplished musicians. By 2011 the line-up of the band included also Maciej Napieraj on bass, Wieslaw Rutka on guitars and Jacek Szott on keyboards. The missing piece of the puzzle, singer Pawel Szykula, joins the group the following year and recordings of some previous ideas started immediately, most of which were compositions of Szott. The first songs of Arlon were warmly received by their fan base, followed by numerous live gigs, some of which included other significant names of the Polish Prog/Rock/Metal scene such as AnVision and After The Ice. In July 2013 the debut album of Arlon sees the light on Pronet Records under the title ''On The Edge'', followed by promotional concerts and the initial stages of rehearsals regarding the group's second album.

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