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domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Ad Infinitum - Neo-Prog • United States

Interesting band from the 90's American scene which had researched over 6 years to finally put out their first and unique CD, with several classic prog influences (mainly YES and GENESIS) with long tracks and different moods and passages. 

Using mostly classic 70's equipment and instruments, AD INFINITUM have created a fresh new take on the classic 70's prog sound. Vintage, virtuoso keyboard textures and solos, warm 12 string acoustic guitars, screaming electric guitar, Chris Squire inspired bass, and great drums and vocals all add up to great listening. Many other modern bands have emulated GENESIS, YES, or PINK FLOYD, but few have produced as convincing a work as this. Very beautiful cover designed by Roger Dean, gives a special touch to the album... If anyone out there is a fan of 70's prog (and who isn't?) then this is an album you will definitely want to discover... A future classic.!!!

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