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sexta-feira, 14 de abril de 2017

Bay Area Funk

If you like Blaxpliotation era soundtracks and seventies funk that's the illegitimate stepbrothers of James Brown and Charles Wright's Watts 103rd Street Band, then this is for you. The flipside of silky Philly Soul, this is raw, funky, ghetto music that will remind you of inner-city Black America circa 1972 even if you've never left Iowa or were born far too late to catch it the first time around. Some tunes in particular are very crudely recorded even by the standards of the time, but this adds to the charm. Rappers and Dj's in particular will love this, as it is filled with Bomb beats to pump up the volume that they deservedly crave. Oh yeah, "Funky Driver on a Funky Bus" is as much fun as it's title indicates. Just don't cuss the driver like the character in the song. Enjoy.

Bay Area Funk Vol.1 - 2003

Bay Area Funk Vol.2 - 2006

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  1. Thanks so much for Bay Area Funk. I have owned Vol. 1 for years and was told a Vol. 2 existed, but I never found it.


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