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PROGRESSION BY FAILURE Symphonic Prog • France

Progression by Failure biography (http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=4804)
Progression by Failure, the one man band created by the multi instrumentalist Nicolas Piveteau was accepted by the Symphonic Team and added to our database the bio was gently provided by the Nicolas himself.

Iván Melgar Morey

Progression By Failure is a project by a young french compositor named Nicolas PIVETEAU. He was born in 1981 and starts to play keyboards at 10 years old. He also plays guitar and drums. 

This project is a vision of the progressive music, a large panorama between power & emotions. The songs are made of beautiful melodies, power riffs & light atmospheres, without what the author considers cliches of standard progressive music.

Of course, Progression By Failure is influenced by modern Prog Rock, but also by metal & pop.

The songs are written as a tribute to Prog bands like Spock's Beard (Memories From The Future) & Transatlantic (Progression By Failure), and also to dark metal Prog like Opeth & Meshuggah (Desperate Anger) plus Symphonic Prog groups like Therion (Talion).

Nicolas Piveteau (Edited by P.A.)

Thanks Magal

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  1. Bom dia,
    Amigo javanes, Espero que este link seja do agrado do pessoal que visita o blog
    Pessoalmente gosto destes Franceses que tocam muito bem


    1. Grande Magal, este som e muitos outros que enviou são excelentes, e se não fosse por vc, nós aqui do Valvulado nào os conheceríamos.
      Grato por este sonzaço


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