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terça-feira, 25 de abril de 2017

Adrana - Symphonic Metal Band (France)

Adrana is a female fronted symphonic metal band, formed in 2004 by Maxime Dugué and Ludovic Dupraz. They are soon joined by the mezzo-soprano singer Anaé. Grhyll and Emeric Derrien join the band as keyboard and bass players. 

After months of composing and rehearsals, the band records its first demo at New Dream Studio (Descartes, France). The Tower of Frozen Tears is released in 2006, followed by the first album Perturbatio in 2008, still recorded at New Dream studios. Kavöx (Aboroth and Crackhouse singer) and Sylvain are guests on this album, on the songs "Mortelle fourberie enfantine", "L'Eveil de Markius" and "Mortualia", this is the first time the band uses male voices (grunts and lyrical). This first release tells the first chapter of Adrana's adventures. The band develops a whole heroic-fantasy story along its songs.

The second chapter of the Adrana story is developed on the album The Ancient Realms, Adrana reaches for allies in the fire and ice lands. This album is separated in two parts. The first one tells the ice lands adventures, the second one the fire lands. The recording process took place at Drudenhaus Studio, engineered by Neb Xort (Anorexia Nervosa) during the summer in 2010. This time, the band uses real choir, and Bestial (Fimbulvetr) is guests on the song Obsidian Collapses. The Ancient Realms is released on September 2012 on the French Brennus Music label, and a French tour follows it. The band opens for Patrick Rondat and Myrath.

Dub joins the band on 2013 as a guitar player. At this time, the band begins to compose for their next record. 

On September 20th 2013, Adrana releases its first music video, with the song "The frozen Path", from The Ancient Realms album.

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