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domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

Abarax - Crossover Prog • Germany

It was around autumn 2003 when 'Taste Of Timeless' members Howard Hanks (guitar), Dennis Grasekamp (guitar, bass, drums) and Udo Grasekamp (keyboards) decided to start a new project named ABARAX. The idea was to play music oriented at 'Pink Floyd' which came up during a practising session. First two or three tunes were put together and then the decision grew to record a complete concept album which finally was titled 'Crying Of The Whales'.

Due to a happy coincidence they found the right voice in the person of Andre Blaeute, a singer/songwriter from the same area. The band finished the last recordings by the end of 2004, found british progrock label Cyclops interested in the project which released their debut in early 2006. It features relaxed rock songs, stylistically blending psychedelic and symphonic elements, dominated by Dennis Grasekamp's excellent guitar work and Andre Blaeute's unique voice. 

Enhanced by other musicians and male/female vocalists ABARAX participated at several prog festivals all around in Europe and played on some more occasions, in May 2009 for example invited as the opening act for 'Saga'. Moreover songs for a new effort were worked out in between and finally in March 2010 Cyclops released the band's second album 'Blue Room'.

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