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sábado, 1 de abril de 2017

Buddy Miles "The Roadrunner"

"Did not chart
Obscure album by Buddy Miles for the Tulsa-based T. Town label, released in 1977. After the synth-heavy 'More Miles Per Gallon', and the somewhat better 'Bicentennial Gathering' for Casablanca, this LP is a breathe of fresh air: low-fi production, raw and funky. Actually has some 'meep meeps' in the mix.

Produced by: Buddy Miles and Monty Stark
Co Produced By: John Stevenson and Jim Paris
Associate Producer: "The RoadRunners"
Director: Jim Paris
Engineer: Monty Stark
Mixers: Monty Stark, Buddy Miles, Jim Paris
Contractor: Jim Paris
Rhythm Leader: Buddy Miles
Horns Leader: Tobie "Big Homy" Wynn
Horns Arranged By: Buddy Miles and Rusty Higgins
Song Arrangement by: Buddy Miles
Design Art Direction and Illustration: Richard Oleson

Musician Credits:

Richard Cole
Richard Fortune
Rusty Higgins
Gary Hoppy Hodges
Peter Hysen
Ron Johnson
Gary Johnston
Fitzpatrick Magee
Buddy Miles
John Murray
Eddie Reddick
John Stevenson
Nah Wah Watsow
Tobie Wynn
Jimmy McKinney

Background Vocals:

Colleen Fortune
Moreen Thorton.

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