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segunda-feira, 10 de abril de 2017

The Great Music of Portugal (Part I)

Portugal has had a history of receiving different musical influences from around the Mediterranean Sea, across Europe and former colonies. In the two centuries before the Christian era, Ancient Rome brought with it Greek influences; early Christians, who had their own differing versions of church music arrived during the height of the Roman Empire; the Visigoths, a Romanized Germanic people, who took control of the Iberian Peninsula following the fall of the Roman Empire; the Moors and Jews in the Middle Ages. Hence, there have been more than two thousand years of internal and external influences and developments. Its genres range from classical to popular music. Portugal's music history includes musical history from the medieval Gregorian chants through Carlos Seixas' symphonies era to the composers of the modern era. Musical history of Portugal can be divided in different ways. Portuguese music encompasses musical production of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern eras, especially from Angola with Kizomba. Portugal has very good dancing clothes making Portuguese dancing famous.

Here are some good examples of Portugal Music in a Valvulado Style:

JOSÉ CID (Prog Rock)

José Cid, artistic name of José Albano Cid Ferreira Tavares (Chamusca, February 4, 1942), is a Portuguese singer, composer, musician and instrumentalist.


PETRUS CASTRUS (Symphonic Prog)

Petrus Castrus is an interesting Symphonic band formed 1971 by brothers Jose (Keyboards, bass, vocals) and Pedro Castro (Vocals, guitars, bass), who recruited Julio Pereira (Guitars) and Rui Reiss (Organ) ex members of a band called Play Boys and João Seixas on drums, the name of the band is the latin translation of Pedro Castro. During this first era they were heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, The Nice and even Pink Floyd, despite the fact that their inspiration is very eclectic, their sound is very close to early British Symphonic, mostly ELP.


Quartet 1111 (Prog Rock)

The Quartet 1111 is a Portuguese band formed in 1967 in Estoril. In a decade of innovation and experimentalism, many bands tried to copy what was broadcast on the radio and heard on occasional records brought in from abroad. 



Quinta do Bill is one of the most renowned Portuguese folk rock groups. THE FIFTH OF BILL was born in 1987 by the hand of Carlos Moisés, Paulo Bizarro. Characterized by its folk-rock orientation the band quickly gained its place in music in Portugal.


TANTRA (Symphonic Prog)

Despite a standard line-up (keyboards, guitar-vocals, bass & drums-percussions), TANTRA played elaborated and beautifully built and arranged Progressive songs in Portuguese, which figured at the same creative level as the best English composers (YES, GENTLE GIANT, CAMEL...) but with a distinct character. This is a full symphonic sounding band with very good musicianship. The music combines intricate ensemble parts with energetic soloing. The vocals contain an astonishing lyricism, the musical constructions and combinations are complex and inventive, the sounds are originals and the melodies beautifully made. "Misterios E Maravilhas" (1978) & "Holocausto" (1979) are two landmarks in Progressive rock, the latter being slightly influenced by THE MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA's Progressive jazz-rock. "Terra" is a new chance for this old 70´s prog group and i think the new millenium goes for a trip on... Great songs, delicate lyrics and a superb guitar voyager.


The SymphOnyx (Symphonic Gothic Metal)

The SymphOnyx project has existed since 1995, when Carlos Barros, Carlos Martins, Carlos Torres, Carlos Mota and Martinho Torres decided to combine efforts to create something intense and original. Currently, only Carlos Mota is not part of the formation.
Throughout this time, the band's activity has been summarized by the launching of two EPs, namely "Psychophantasy" in 1997 and "Utopia" in 2000, and a countless number of live performances.


Uma homenagem do Valvulado ao grande Magal
Viva Portugal!!!!

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  1. Bom dia,
    Obrigado por publicar


    José Magalhães

  2. Obrigado pela referência Amigo Javanes!
    Excelente artigo!!!
    Também temos outra banda portuguesa dos anos setenta, um pouco mais esquecida, Go Graal Blues Band, ex-banda do Paulo Gonzo! Se conseguir encontrar!

    Um Abraço,

  3. Boa tarde,

    Amigo Paulo, em breve terá aqui no blog a grande banda do Paulo Gonzo
    José Magalhaes

  4. Obrigado amigos!
    Em breve, Portugal Parte II
    O Magal já enviou!
    Forte abraço

  5. José e Javanes, vocês merecem o Óscar de Melhores Amigos!!!
    O Magal também!
    Obrigado a Todos!!!
    Grande Abraço.

  6. Parabéns, Magal....

    vc como eu, é um desbravador inquieto,
    sempre em busca de novas experiências progressivas...


    Peter Hammill - SP


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