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sexta-feira, 7 de abril de 2017

BLUE SHIFT Symphonic Prog • United States

Influenced by Yes and Genesis but other bands come to mind when listening to them, such as Supertramp in terms of vocals and ELP in terms of the keyboards. They are, however more in the vain of the current American prog bands such as Spock's Beard. You get therefore an interesting mix of old and new prog. It is also a mix of different symphonic bands, for instance those mentioned above. They differ from the "Old Masters" in that they compose more succinct and shorter songs, but not less complex. 

The vocals evoke Jon Anderson of Yes (and at times those of Supertramp, as said above). 
The guitar, while reminiscent of say, Peter Banks, is evidently keeping up with current trend of technical guitar playing. The keyboards bring to mind the Yes sound and ELP virtuosity. For those into new bands playing in the vain of old prog but keeping a modern touch to it, this may be something to dig into. 

Their album, Not The Future I Ordered, was released on Musea. It features a cover of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

Thanks Magal

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