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sábado, 1 de abril de 2017

Bluesquamperfect (Germany)

Band biography:
The origins of Bluesquamperfect (short BQP) originated from a school friendliness. Roland Klausmann and Klaus Rimbrecht decided to found a band on the trip to Landschulheim in 1973. Roland Klausmann (guitarist, singer and composer) and Klaus Rimbrecht (bass) found Dieter Bäuerle, an experienced bluespianist and singer. The first joint concert took place at Christmas 1973 in the youth meeting in Furtwangen. The name of the band was "Pappa Tick Tack's Rucki Zucki Bluesband. Several musicians were gradually added. First successes were performances with old star champion Jack Dupree (Aula FH-Furtwangen and Stadthalle Tuttlingen) and Canned Heat.
The occupation continued until 1975. Dieter Bäuerle left the band. Hans Kral (trombone), Hans Bausch (saxophone) and Norbert Klausmann (guitar) joined in. Since 1984, Andrea Klausmann has sang and entertaint in the band. 1988 left co-founder Roland Klausmann BQP. He went to Munich as a professional. Rolf "Royce" Langenbach took over the part of the lead singer and guitarist. The drummer Johannes Schmidt helped 1987 and 1988 several times as a guest musician and became 1989 member of the group. In 1990, Karin Höwer (saxophone) joined the formation. Andreas Hehl (trumpet) first convinced as a guest musician with BQP. His fantastic sound, his musical ability, his commitment and his enthusiasm, did not want to miss BQP any more. Since 2011 he has strengthened the wind replacement as a permanent member of BQP. In summer 2013 Hans Kral (trombone) left BQP. In spring 2016 Karin Höwer (saxophone / vocal) left the band.

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