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sexta-feira, 21 de abril de 2017

ARAGON Neo-Prog • Australia

Before listening the music of the Australian band ARAGON, I took my time reading all the info available, and the information provided is not very good, comments go from they suck (specially directed towards John Poloyannis in the guitars) but being that I'm part of the Neo Prog Team and having to make a new bio for this band I tried their music.

The truth is that they were always pretty good, but their orientation was hardly Prog until their surprisingly strong last album, I believe they were in the borderline that divides Neo Prog from Prog Related, with clear MARILLION influence and RUSH luike vocals, but of course oriented towards the softer and more commercial side, also you can get some Yes sounds similar to the 90125 era and three men Genesis touch. 

So my conclusion is that they were always good but not too Prog oriented, but most of the people who talk about them, haven't heard their last album, which is a pity, because they are loosing the opportunity to listen very good Prog.

ARAGON could be called a subsidiary of the United Nations because Scottish-born Les Dougan (Vocals), Italian-born Tony Italia (Drums), German-born Tom Behrsing (keyboards) and Greek-born John Poloyannis (guitar), joined forces in Melbourne Australia to form ARAGON on 1987, the four guys with the help of Ron Bacon in the bass, release their debut album "Don't Bring the Rain" in 1990, mainly inspired in MARILLION and 80's GENESIS but very mainstream oriented.

Until 1998 they manage to release 5 albums and keep the same lineup withourt radical musical changes, but after the release of "Mister Angel" they seem to vanish in the air as many bands who never found their own identity.

The surprise is that in the year 2005 the band reappears as a trio formed by John Poloyannis (guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion) Les Dougan (vocals, drums, percussion) and Tom Behrsing (keyboards), this time with a stronger sound and definitely more oriented towards Prog, seems the Sabbatical made good effect on them, because sounds almost as a different band with many similarities to early MARILLION but a unique touch.

According to their website, we must expect more of them and if the new stuff is like the latest album, we can only wait with great hope, because they have reached maturity and an own unique sound.

Iván Melgar Morey - Perú

Thanks Magal

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