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quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2016

111 East - Smooth Jazz (James Bratton)

'Go east young man' is a twist on a famous quote, and we're extending this as a bit of a nod to the band 111 East on the occasion of their debut offering! This initial release by the group is The Way of the East and it's one of the first for the newly formed 111 East Jazz Records imprint. Behind both the band & the label is James Bratton - a producer and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a radio & record exec. Having led the rise of house music back in 80s, Bratton earned both gold and platinum certification along the way. Now joined by Patrick Bamburak on guitar & keys and Baron Harris on bass & keys, 111 East is a hip trio intent on stretching the boundaries of smooth - a philosophy that seems to mesh neatly with our own! So it is that our 'musical soul mates' 111 East now find themselves and The Way of the East as the focal point for the spotlight feature. Featuring solid performances throughout by all, Bratton's arranging and writing talents are fully on display on the slick trio of tracks that we've selected for the occasion!

Leading into the feature is the track Sunset - with guitar, sax, and some polished piano all backed by an upbeat vibe and a cool percussive groove! The silky sheen of Satin Moon glistens at the top of hour 2! Meanwhile the band truly shows us 'The Way of the East' with the namesake track for the disc, a tune featuring hot percussive elements, gritty guitar, and a bit of fiery flute. Now in all likelihood, the east in their name 111 East is an allusion to the eastern USA, New Jersey to be precise, where the band is based; or perhaps there's even some connection to east being the direction of the rising sun. Even so, we can't help but feel that 'their way' holds a deeper, more significant meaning as 111 East unerringly lead us on a melodic pilgrimage toward a musical light of their own! 

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