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Frank Zappa - The Complete Frank Zappa Project/Object Series - Part I

Quando comecei a participar do Blog Valvulados, minha idéia inicial era só postar Frank Zappa. Sempre fui um grande fã, e durante a minh...

sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2016

Frank Zappa - The Complete Frank Zappa Project/Object Series - Part V

Esta vida é cheia de surpresas... Depois de muito tempo que o Professor Miles Mellough encerrou suas atividades no excelente Blog "Birds With Broken Wings", recebo um email dizendo que ele havia dado continuidade ao FZ - Project Object Series... E já me enviou os links. Para quem ainda não sabe, Dr. Miles fez um excelente estudo da obra de Frank Zappa e re-classificou sua música seguindo uma temática única e interessante. Segue este maravilhoso trabalho e um imenso agradecimento ao Dr. Miles.

Frank Zappa Project/Object, No.#13

 'From Chunga's Basement

 I recently put together another FZ P/O called, 'From Chunga's Basement, Vols.1&2.' It's a jazz oriented collection, almost entirely instrumental, and roughly 50% older and 50% posthumous material. Vol.1 is subtitled, 'The Show They Never See' and Vol.2 is 'Playground Psychotics' . If you'd like, you're welcome to share them as a new addition to your Complete FZ collection

 Frank Zappa Project/Object, No.#14

Masterworks Reimagined & Revisited

Both of these P/O's basically came about as a result of my need for a Zappa fix. I was never fully satisfied with my version of 'Masterworks,' and I liked a couple of the new songs that were released on 'Meat Light,' so I went back and tweaked it a bit. 'From Chunga's Basement' on the other hand was just an excuse to piece together a Zappa jazz mix (I happen to like his jazzier material quite a bit). Some songs are new, some are old, and the remainder are somewhere in-between. Old socks in new shoes essentially. Not too many edits, but then a lot of my editing is meant to be overlooked (ie: songs shortened, rearranged, bits dropped in, etc). The idea for this is to blur the lines of distinction between what were Zappa's own edits and my own. Unless the listener is intimately familiar with his material, they probably wouldn't know which edits were intentional, and which were after the fact - resulting in a one-of-a-kind listen. So there you go.

Thanks Miles
Project Object Series:

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