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sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2016

The Ace-Tones ‎(Garage Rock)

A couple of years ago, when no-one seemed really interested in playing garage punk anymore, bassplayer Miss Jean decided that she wanted to put such a band together anyway. After a couple of months of going through wild versions of just about all the classic 'Pebbles-type' songs they could dig up, the band (by then named Ace-Tones, after a crappy old organ) were invited to record an album for the German label Music Maniac, known for their releases of Dead Moon, The Fuzztones and others. The release of this album (released as "Teen Trash, Vol.6") brought some enthusiastic reactions from all over Europe, and even the United States!
What followed was an EP on the American Tombstone-label, an EP on the Dutch Lada label (in shocking pink vinyl), and their 2nd album (called "Sixteen") was released late 1996 by Henk's Crazy Diamond Records.
A split single with the Australian band MeMeMe will appear on the Australian Phantom label later this year, featuring the anthem for sixties 'nozems' "OUWE PUCH", being the first Ace-Tones song in Dutch! 
All over Holland, the Ace-Tones have gained quite a reputation as a live band, playing local smalltown clubs to the famous Amsterdam Paradiso and the prestigeous 'Noorderslag' festival in Groningen. Jazz-veteran saxophone player Hans Dulfer jammed with the Ace-Tones on Vpro national radio, and Ace-Tones Eric and Rob toured Europe with Rudi Protrudi (the Fuzztones) as Link Protrudi and the Jaymen. Two years (and lots of Ace-Tones gigging) after this, they teamed up with Link Wray himself, no less, and recorded an album together called "Shadowman" and a live album called "Walking Down A Street Called Love". Also with Link, they played for the BBC (Radio One and BBC Scotland), and toured Europe and Australia (!) as Link Wray and his Ace-Men. 
Nice advertising for the Ace-Tones for sure, quite a thrill for the guys, too; Link will every now and then take them on short tours - but right now it's time for all five Ace-Tones to rock out again!

The Ace-Tones are and will be:

Ad 'Ace' van Dijk - vocals, blues harp
Andre Elskamp - guitar, vocals
Eric 'Danno' Geevers - organ, guitar, vocals
Miss Jean - bass guitar
Rob Louwers - drums, vocals, blues harp

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