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quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2016

Quill - Just Great Prog Rock

Descobri esta banda há pouco tempo e achei muito parecida com ELP, Triumvirat. Há pouca informação na Internet sobre a mesma e achei que é um sonzão para partilhar aqui.

Segue uma palhinha para quem não conhece:

Quill biography
Founded by three musician friends back in 1975, QUILL was the result of the pairing of individual longings for the creation of rock music with a strong artistic drive: of course, the parameters of prog rock provided the main clue for this enterprise. Keyboardist Ken DeLoria, bassist/guitarist Keith Christian and drummer/percussionist Jim Sides joined forces after years spent covering pop music's top billing hits. From day one, they intended their original material to be epic and ambitious, full of mood shifts and orchestral-oriented structures: their power-trio formation allowed DeLoria's keyboard inputs to take center stage in the melodic department, although their material doesn't get as bombastic as ELP. The band's nuclear sound actually isn't too related to the prototypical pomposity of ELP or TRACE; QUILL is more focused on the meticulously melodic approach that YES, GENESIS and early 70's-RICK WAKEMAN has perfected so majestically in their hey-day. In this way, QUILL manages to create a musical proposal that turns out to be somewhat original while firmly rooted in the school of symphonic prog.

"Sursum Corda", a concept-album that combines the magic of fairy tales and the affirmation of the self, was recorded with private funding at a resort studio between late '76 and early '77, eventually being issued to the format of pre-release vinyl. The band gained a cult following but not much support from the industry. While they were struggling to make their music known more broadly, they managed to write and record another epic concept-album, titled "The Demise of the Third King's Empire". For a couple of years they managed to perform their material, properly staged according to its artistic nature, to pleased audiences, but there came a time when the band got tired of struggling. And so, QUILL parted ways. All three members remained and still remain close friends (even business partners, at some time).

QUILL's repertoire is recommended to all devoted lovers of symphonic prog, particularly that inspired by the most renowned British pioneers: the "Sursum Corda" album will surely make a valuable item in any good prog collection.

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