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terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016


Jean Jacques Kravetz is a french multi-instrumentalist (piano, keyboard, sax) and fruitful composer who spent his whole career in Germany. He first made a name in the Hamburg musical scene. In relative discretion he published a solo effort simply called Kravetz (1972). In this solo excursion he was accompanied by the famous Udo Lindenberg on drums. Musically, the album is a pleasant combination between heavy fuzzy organs and krauty improvisations. Kravetz is mostly known for being the keyboardist of Frumpy, Kin Ping Meh and Atlantis. Today he is recognised as one of the great pioneers of German rock.

- Jean-Jacques Kravetz - organ, piano, percussion, synthesizer, arranger, producer
- Thomas Kretzschmer - guitar
- Carl-G. Stephan - bass
- Udo Lindenberg - drums, percussion, vocals
- Roger Hook - 12-string guitar (01,04)
- Inga Rumpf - female vocals (01)
- Thomas Kukuck - engineer, co-producer

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