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sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2016

John Arch from Fates Warning

John Arch (born John Maurice Archambault, May 15, 1959 in Colorado Springs) is an American progressive metal singer most notable for his work with the band Fates Warning. Arch co-wrote the majority of the band's songs with guitarist Jim Matheos, and was the band's sole lyricist. After their third album, Awaken the Guardian, was released, Arch was asked to quit his job or leave the band. Financial obligations made it impossible for Arch to quit his job, and he argued that he had shown 100% commitment to the band throughout the years. However, the band informed him that they had to let him go and started to look for another singer. In one interview with John Arch, he said that he would have quit his job if he was asked, but the rest of the band never asked him to.

A Twist of Fate is an EP by singer John Arch, released on June 17, 2003 through Metal Blade Records. At the time, the EP was Arch's first musical work in over seventeen years since leaving progressive metal band Fates Warning in 1987, with whom he recorded their first three albums; the last being Awaken the Guardian (1986). Consisting of only two tracks, A Twist of Fate features Fates Warning founder and guitarist Jim Matheos, with whom Arch would later release a collaborative album in 2011, entitled Sympathetic Resonance, under the banner of Arch/Matheos. Also among the line-up are former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and current Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera.

John Arch – vocals, production
Jim Matheos – guitar, keyboard, engineering, production
Mike Portnoy – drums
Joey Vera – bass, engineering
Andy Happel – cello, violin
Phil Magnotti – engineering, mixing, mastering

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