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segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016

Chris Squire & Steve Hackett (Squackett)

Uma união que simplesmente nos deixa curiosos... A guitarra comedida e precisa do Genesis, com o baixo marcante e fraseado do Yes. Dois soberbos dinossauros, sobreviventes da era de ouro do Prog, tentam resgatar este passado nesta pequena obra. Gostei do álbum... Confiram.

A Life Within a Day is the debut studio album by Squackett featuring Chris Squire (Yes) and Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis). It was released on 28 May 2012.[1] The title track, "A Life Within a Day" won the 'Anthem' award at the 2012 Progressive Music Awards.[5] The song "Aliens" began as a Yes song titled "Aliens (Are Only Us from the Future)" (credited to Squire) and was performed during Yes' In The Present world tour and was dropped shortly after, the song was rumoured to be included on the recent Yes album, Fly from Here (2011). Hackett had previously worked with Squire's bandmate Steve Howe in the band GTR.

1."A Life Within a Day" 
2."Tall Ships"
3."Divided Self" 
5."Sea of Smiles" 
6."The Summer Backwards" 
8."Can't Stop the Rain" 
9."Perfect Love Song"  

Chris Squire — bass, vocals
Steve Hackett — guitars, harmonica, vocals
Roger King — keyboards
Jeremy Stacey — drums
Amanda Lehmann — backing vocals
Dick Driver — double bass
Richard Stewart — cello
Christine Townsend — viola, violin

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