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quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2016

Abstract With G. Lawrence Francis - Smooth Jazz

"Abstract", comprising of Band leader G. Lawrence Francis (Bass Guitar), Richard Tucker (Guitar, Keyboards and Vocals), Tony Peebles (Alto & Tenor Saxes and Flute), Dan Paul, (Keyboards) and Josh Orlando (Drums & Percussion) Play Smooth Jazz With a Funky Soul Meets Jazz Vibe, (i;e "The Headhunters" ) You can kick back and listen to their smooth grooves or get up and dance to this funky versatile band. 

Members of this band have toured, recorded and/or done recording sessions for such world renowned Artists such as "Kindred, The Family Soul", Ronnie Laws, Jazzy Jeff, Gerald Vesley, The Stylistics, The Intruders, Justin Timberlake, Dat Baw Dave, MC Lite and have warmed up many stages for performers such as Motown #1 Recording artist "KEM", Angela Bofil, Joshua Redman, Calvin Weston, Rick Wilkins And Juanita Holiday just to name a few. 

These Cats have performed all over the world for just about every type of event, at almost every type of venue you could possibly think of from New York to Africa which lends to the bands incredible versatility. Philadelphia, Pa. is Home to Abstract as is many other great performers i;e Jill Scott, Pat Martino, Vivian Greene etc. 
Abstract plays smooth jazz, r&b and funk with a splash of gospel, blues and the Caribbean. 

I hope you, like thousands of others will enjoy Abstract's music and Thank you in advance for reading this brief Bio. Keep in touch by visiting our website at

This cd is great listening for those new to jazz and old fans also. the cd is loaded with tracks for people who just love music and you will appreciate abstract's ability to blend smooth jazz tunes with many various musical influences.

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